"At Fistral we believe in working together with our customers to define what they actually need – rather than develop something that may or may not directly address their requirements."


Fistral Consultancy

Fistral provides management consultancy to organisations from all sectors: from SMEs to local government, academic organisations to blue-chip companies. The Fistral team focus on identifying the root cause of a problem and then work with the customer to develop the best method of addressing it, with a solution that works and importantly, will stick.

Improving Projects

In addition to assisting traditional project management phases such as initiation, and planning for new or existing projects, Fistral specialises in:

Fistral Ball
  • Project Audits
  • Monitoring and Project Evaluation
  • Project Recovery – including troubleshooting; and
  • Independent Risk Review.

Designing Training

Fistral uses extensive industry and academic experience - in designing courses, training and lecturing, and course evaluation - to provide cohesive and effective approaches to the design and implementation of integrated training courses and staff development programmes.

Motivating People

Some clients opt for bespoke consultancy on softer skills such as:

  • Improved Team Work
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Improving Customer Service; and
  • Change Management.

The Fistral team can use DiSC behavioural profiling (sometimes referred to as ‘colours’) to underpin staff or personal development if it aligns with an organisation’s personnel or student development approach.

These engagements are often complimented with training, seminars, masterclasses, workshops, 1:1 or group sessions, mentoring and remote (e.g. Skype) support to ensure meaningful and sustainable change.

Recent Consultancy Engagements

Fistral expertise has been used to provide the following to private, public-sector and non-profit organisations:

  1. Guidance on best-practice application of project/programme management techniques for a large European-funded network of 450+ members working together across 25+ countries.
  2. Team development workshop for a department undergoing change and restructure.
  3. Leadership session linked to gender equality for women in technology.
  4. Workshops and mentoring sessions for staff managing strategic projects in a university
  5. A standardised approach to planning and implementing projects to align with Strategic Planning deliverables
  6. Independent evaluation of a European-funded project supporting partners in 21 European countries
  7. Seminars - in Risk Management, Offshore-Wind and  Renewables Energy
  8. Dovetailing internal and external training approaches to ensure a consistent, integrated, approach to training and staff development programmes
  9. Project audits for blue-chip companies in Europe
  10. Advice on customisation of templates for Project Management and Risk Management based on best-practice
  11. Development of a plan for creating a Competency Development Framework and Portfolio Maturity Model
  12. Organisation and sponsoring the National CanSat Competition 2012
  13. Bespoke Risk workshops for European teams working on satellite missions
  14. Development of Project Management role descriptions, skills and competencies
  15. Customer Service courses designed to improve internal and external communication and customer satisfaction

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