"By stripping away a lot of the ‘white noise’ which surrounds projects and project management in general, we get to the heart of the issues that make or break projects."


David Kanter

PhD Student (Anthropology) Queen’s University Belfast


 “Hello. My name is David Kanter and I’m a PhD candidate in Anthropology in the Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). I find in most anthropology programmes you get very little in the way of non-academic training: you get a lot of training as far as academic and research-based skills and methodologies, however not much in the way of real-world, professional training that’s transferable to many different avenues and arenas. This is why I found the CAPM training that I received from Fistral Training at QUB to be so essential.

As an applied anthropologist it has given me the long-term project management skills that are important for my work doing long-term action based research with international NGOs focused on global social justice. This has helped me take a look at their programming and my ability to work with their programmes throughout the world. Furthermore, this is a phenomenal addition to my resume, it has helped me with grant applications and landing internships as part of my research and, in the end, it will serve me really well when I’m entering the job market in professional, private or academic areas.

I think that given all of my training this has been on of the most essential parts of my education and that international qualification training for non-transferable skills is an important part of a PhD programme that most miss out on, particularly in anthropology, and I find that this has been an imperative standard for my knowledgebase and for my long-term employability Thank you.”

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