"By stripping away a lot of the ‘white noise’ which surrounds projects and project management in general, we get to the heart of the issues that make or break projects."


Dr Marilyn Lennon

Senior Research Associate (Computer Science), University of Glasgow


“Hi. My name’s Marilyn Lennon. I’m a senior research associate in computing science based at the University of Glasgow. I’ve just recently finished the CAPM project management course run by a company called Fistral Training. I’ve got to say I really, thoroughly enjoyed the course. I tend to get a lot out of these courses in general but this project management course it really exceeded all my expectations. There was lots of really, really sound theory in there which suited my learning style but the company that delivered it managed to deliver loads and loads of real world examples.

So examples from research that would be appropriate to my research projects but also lots of examples from software engineering companies and industry where I could recognise the examples and really apply the theory. 

I can’t speak highly enough of the course, I feel it’d definitely made me a much more confident project manager and I’m now preparing myself to sit the exam so that I can gain an actual qualification and certification in project management. Really loved the course, especially the delivery of the material. I feel it’s made me a much more capable project manager but it’s also made me more employable just beyond research. So I really hope that other people in similar situations to myself are lucky enough to be able to go along to the course and gain a certification in project management.”

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