"By stripping away a lot of the ‘white noise’ which surrounds projects and project management in general, we get to the heart of the issues that make or break projects."


Sarah Simons

PhD Nippon Fellow (Crime Analyst) University of Cardiff


"First I’d like to thank you for presenting to us the workshop material is such a simple and straight forward style that enabled me to grasp the content and understand its relevance to my PhD undertaking.As an early PhD researcher coming from an African academic and professional working to do a PhD in the UK, this training course is a vital tool I would recommend for all PhD researchers at the start of their studies for the following benefits: - 

John Spillane

Demystifying Project Management: the course helped me to look at my PhD as a manageable project rather than an ‘invincible Kilimanjaro’.

Skills Usability: the skills are extremely relevant and applicable to my day to day research work including constantly evaluating allocation of available resources, flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances while meeting ever-shifting targets. 

Opportunity to use the techniques: as the trainer, you knew the field of study of each of us participants. In your presentation style, you took into account our fields of study. This was crucial in enabling us workshop participants to closely align the project management skills and content to the engineering industry in which some participants are employed and researching. But in using this illustration in detail, you enabled the rest of us to mentally visualise the applicability of the skills in our own fields of specialization.

Internationally transferable skills training: the more I use the project management skills I learnt during the workshop, the more convinced I am that the applicability of these skills transcends international and academic boundaries. They can be applied practically in the management of Rural Development projects, as well as for strategic and tactical decision making in Security Management fields, to mention but a few."

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