"By stripping away a lot of the ‘white noise’ which surrounds projects and project management in general, we get to the heart of the issues that make or break projects."


Shelley McKeown

PhD Student (Psychology), University of Ulster


“My name is Shelley and I’m a PhD student at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. I recently attained the CAPM qualification in June of this year (2010). That was following less than a years training which began in August 2009 whilst doing my PhD. I found the training provided by Fistral for the CAPM to be extremely beneficial, in particular because it taught me how to treat my PhD as a project: something which I could take control of; something which I could manage; and something which I could apply the basic principles of project management to.

I also find myself, aside from my research, thinking about project management in every day life. In particular the concepts of scope, cost and time, and also 3-point estimating. Evidence for the latter can be seen in an email I sent to Fraser during the election night in which I related something the reporter had said to 3-point estimating!

I think having my CAPM qualification has really big implications for my CV, really because it sets me apart from other students. I feel that it shows I can do something other than my PhD and have been able to gain an internationally recognised, professional qualification whilst doing my studies. Not only has it influenced my chances of getting my dream job but it’s also opened the doors to jobs which I may not have necessarily thought of before.

I think the CAPM training provided by Fistral really was second to none. Their ongoing support was welcomed and by far their materials and training days were excellent. I think it benefits of having an external organisation because they really have the years of experience and knowledge to help put you through the exam and have the best possible outcome and that’s probably why they have a 100% pass rate.

So for universities and for students alike I would suggest that you do the CAPM and that universities provide it for students, and that students take the opportunity to do it, because it really will be something that will benefit you in the long run. I thoroughly recommend it!”

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