"By stripping away a lot of the ‘white noise’ which surrounds projects and project management in general, we get to the heart of the issues that make or break projects."


Wei (Amy) Tian

PhD Student (HR Mgt) University of Cardiff


“Hi, I’m Amy. I’m a final year PhD student in Cardiff University. My research is looking at the relationship between firm HR practice and their performance. I attended this CAPM course last year in Cardiff and I took my exam this year. I’ve learnt quite a lot from this course but the most important thing I’ve learned is actually the way of thinking.

Every now and then when I organise my own thesis or participate in other projects, I think instantly what’s my research scope, what’s my time frame, what’s my financial constraint, who’s my potential stakeholders. All these ideas to help you better manage and shape your own research as well as other research projects. I’ve started to apply for jobs and quite a lot of employers have shown interest in this CAPM certificate. They ask me “What is it?”, and “How did it help in terms of my own research?”. Yeh, I think it’s useful in terms of your academic career as well as a potential career in different industries”

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