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4.87 from ARMA: “The practical advice & tools shared will make a huge difference to my work.”

Our ‘Research Project Management’ course delivered with ARMA – the Association of Reseach Managers and Administrators – was recently rated 4.87 out of 5 (5 being excellent) by participants supporting pre- and post-award research projects.

Top 10 comments as follows:

  1. “The practical advice & tools shared will make a huge difference to my work. I’m looking forward to putting them into practice!”
  2. “The workshop exceeded my expectations and made what could have been a not so exciting subject very interesting and informative.”
  3. “Didn’t quite know what to expect but I am very happy how it went and what I learned.”
  4. “[The trainer] was a fantastic trainer. I have been on lots of training courses and can honestly say he was by far the best. Good presenting style and excellent at engaging participants. I’d certainly recommend this workshop to others.”
  5. “Good realistic approach rather than abstract theory.”
  6. “As a first ARMA event I was unsure what to expect + perhaps mistakenly assumed this would relate directly to research projects/funding schemes. But in reality the more focused project management structure was actually more useful + allows for easier application to many aspects of my role.”
  7. “More than [met my expectations]. I found the course very interesting and pitched at a good level.”
  8. “Presenter has excellent knowledge base and presentation skills. One of the best courses I have attended in the last couple of years.”
  9. “Great balance of exercises and listening.”
  10. “Exceeded [my expectations]. I was expecting more complicated theory but now have techniques I feel more comfortable with.”

The course is advertised by ARMA as requiring no previous knowledge “but useful to those who involved in supporting principal investigators to manage projects, and/or those with responsibility for major collaborations, or institutional projects around systems implementation.”.

This certainly seems to be the case based on some responses to the question “Will this make a difference to some aspects of your work”:

  • “Yes certainly, the workshop has given me the tools & knowledge required to efficiently and effectively manage my projects and large tasks.”
  • “I will be able to plan projects going forward and feel more in control of my work.”
  • “Yes it will especially to some new projects.”
  • “Time management and risk assessment – not just for myself and my team but in order to better advise academic PIs.”
  • “My Expectations have been far exceeded! I hope there will be follow-on events to advance the knowledge gained.”
  • “Yes, will definitely try to use it.”
  • “I am going to try and streamline some of the project management aspects pre+post award.”

We’re looking forward to delivering more PM training with ARMA in 2016.

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