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4.88 and 4.67 – UCC staff rating for IntroPM

We’ve been working for many years now with the Staff Welfare & Development team at UCC to run our CAPM suite of programmes. These courses can lead to professional PM certification from the Project Management Institute, and the first step in the programme is our ‘Introduction to Project Management’ course.

This was run twice recently for UCC staff to great acclaim, with staff giving the sessions overall ratings of 4.88 and 4.67 out of 5 (5 being Excellent).

UCC staff provided lots of positive comments across the courses such as:

  • “Real life examples of companies and their PM issues [was most useful].”
  • “[I gained] Good basic knowledge on project management + simple and effective tools to use. … [The] Tools [are] extremely useful.””
  • “Super course and very engaging facilitator. – Highly recommend this course.”
  • “Very engaging & relaxed style of presenting – very enjoyable!! :)”
  • “[I] Feel more confident in planning/managing projects. The examples used can be applied to all situations. Excellent presenter.”
  • “Inspiring and good for generating ideas/breaking potential deadlocks.”
  • “V. good will recommend to other staff.”
  • “[Most useful was] Examples given, group work, and trainer explained it all very well.”
  • “Helped to translate the tasks I have been doing into the world of project management.”
  • “Thank you so much for arranging and delivering this program. It will definitely work for my research project.”
  • “Enjoyable, engaging & eager to learn more.”
  • “Fantastic overview of project management in real world situations.”
  • “[I gained] Confidence in how to write a project plan [underlined]! Very interactive and interesting. I feel I understand project planning more. I feel more confident + knowledgeable in this area.”
  • “A very good trainer + easy to follow, and great helpful content.”
  • “Exceeded expectations. Excellent facilitator, made the topic vey approachable. Really enjoyable day.”
  • “Great introduction to a complex topic.”
  • “Course was delivered in an excellent manner, the flow for content, discussion & worked examples was excellent.”
  • “Excellent presenter – very engaging & enthusiastic. Looking forward to next course.”
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