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4.91 and 4.95 for PMRW

Our flagship 2-day ‘Project Management in the Real World’ course received excellent ratings and extremely positive feedback from two deliveries for QUB’s School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

MSc students’ Top 10 comments across both courses:

  1. “Definitely do it, eye opener to how to plan projects effectively + efficiently.”
  2. “It was fun with loads of activities. [The trainer] was brilliant too.”
  3. “I will tell [colleagues] how I am confident now at organising things using the topics covered.”
  4. [I will apply this to] “Planning the assignments & research projects.”
  5. “Professional instructor and unforgettable experience.”
  6. “Excellent. Very practical + helpful.”
  7. “A great intro to PM. Tools are valuable to most Projects.”
  8. [I will apply this to] “as much as I can in uni work + my actual job.”
  9. “Beneficial, really helps sort out the pre-requisites for a task & help plan it accordingly.”
  10. “It’s interesting and very interactive. A wide variety of tools are learned and implemented even though the session is fairly short.”
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