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4.78 “Useful and applicable”- Advanced Project Management

A group of PhD students at the University of Strathclyde joined us online for a webinar entitled Advanced Project Management.

The students gave the training an overall feedback rating of 4.78 out of 5 (5 being Excellent), and 100% agreed that they would recommend this session to a colleague.

We asked what they’d tell a colleague who asks about the session:

  • “Extremely worthwhile.”
  • “The session is useful and gained a lot of information about Project Management.”
  • “That it is great! Highly useable.”
  • “A very informative session that delves deeper into project planning based on the introductory session.”
  • “Give it a go, it will help with planning.“
  • “Attend as this is informative, practical and well-delivered.”
  • “Instructive and beneficial.”
  • “It is a brilliant way to upskill in order to take on more responsibilities outside your technical role.”
  • “I would absolutely recommend this.”
  • “It was so helpful for me to understand the complexities and unprecedented issues that may appear any time and to tackle them in a logical way.”
  • “[The] Experiences of [The Trainer] were illuminating for me as I have little experience in this field.”

Other comments included:

  • “[The Trainer] is fantastic and ensured every session is informative, prompt, referenced within the presentation and chatbox function on Zoom and light-hearted whilst covering intense topic areas. An insightful and endearing workshop.”
  • “The trainer was impressive and knowledgeable.”
  • “I am looking forward to the next session and have been enjoying all sessions so far.”
  • “All useful and applicable.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
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