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A Director’s Reflections on 21 years in business…Part 1

Wednesday 3rd October 2012 marked Fistral’s 21st anniversary.

This article by Paul Lyden is a personal account that tells the story of the company to date.

This first part of the article covers:

  • Who founded Fistral?
  • From Physics to Fistral
  • What’s in a Name and Who Created the Logo?

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Dr Paul Lyden with TrophyWho founded Fistral?

Fistral was founded in 1991 by Dr Paul Lyden. Although trained as a physicist, Paul never worked in this area.

It was while carrying out his doctoral degree at the University of Aberdeen that Paul had to teach himself the FORTRAN computer language to solve the complex quantum equations necessary for his research.

In so doing, he discovered the fledgling computer technology sector which was just taking off in the 1970s.

From Physics to Fistral

After graduating with his PhD, Paul immediately joined the computing service at Aberdeen University carrying out research into database technology, an area which was still in it’s infancy. Aberdeen was the UK Centre of Excellence for database technology, and Paul very quickly became something of a leader in the field of database design.

The University purchased a Honeywell computer as that company were the recognised market leader in database technology due to the pioneering work of Charlie Bachman. Within four years, Paul was asked to join Honeywell as a database consultant where he designed systems for major clients up and down the UK.

In 1991, Paul was acting Systems Manager for Scotland and Ireland when the company was taken over by Bull, the French national computer company. Paul decided to use this change as an opportunity to strike out on his own and formed Fistral Software.

Fistral at Fistral BeachWhat’s in a Name and Who Created the Logo?

Fistral is best known as a surfing beach in Cornwall – much visited by Paul and his family – and this was the inspiration for the original company name. Below is a picture of Fraser visiting Fistral Beach, summer 2012.

The Fistral logo is Fraser’s creation, linking to the beach inspiration… – minus the ‘little surfer’ in the original design.

Fistral’s Mission Statement is the core focus of what we do – practical, hands-on, immediately applicable and useful training and consultancy.

The company mission statement is:

  • “We believe that training should change working practices in a measurable, positive way. The training experience should be stimulating and enjoyable as well as instructive. “
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