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“As a researcher, I’m finding the tools very useful” – Scoping the Project webinar

Academic and research staff from the CLEAR programme at the University of Bristol took part in the second of our ‘Introduction to Project Planning’ sessions today – ‘Scoping the Project’. As before the group included RAs, senior RAs, Research Fellows and Research Support.

The group had some interesting insights into the benefits of Project Planning training for researchers as well as managers including:

  • “The development of the project is needed for every research funding bid, so it is very useful for researchers.”
  • “It helps to better understand what the project manager you are working with might be thinking about and hence how best to communicate/engage with them.”
  • “As a researcher, I’m finding the tools very useful.”
  • “I’m finding some of the phrases useful for managing or getting everyone on the same page.”
  • “I guess the tools invite for some tweaking and adapting here and there.”
  • “I am a postdoc and so far finding everything relevant! I’m on quite a collaborative project and we would all benefit from switching our way of working to include these more constructive approaches.”
  • “As a postdoc, I’m starting to write proposals and planning out goals and scope for projects that I’m expected to manage and deliver. Finding the tips and advice quite useful and hoping to implement into practise.”

Great to hear that the staff are finding the tools and techniques to be of use. We’ll see this group again very shortly for the last session in the series, ‘Creating the plan.’

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