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“These webinars have been a gem.” – 4.74 for Assertive Communication

Liverpool University Doctoral College students on our Assertive Communication webinar gave great feedback and excellent ratings.

100% of the PGRs would recommend the session to colleagues, and they all said they learned new tools and techniques. 100% also said they would be able to “put the learning into practice on return to desk/lab”.

Giving an overall rating of 4.74 out of 5 (5 being Excellent), the PhD group from across the globe could see lots of application in the tools and techniques.

When asked what they would now use/apply they said, I will:

  • “Apologise less.”
  • “Try to be in an Adult state with ‘I’ response.”
  • “Be conscious of what ego state I am in.”
  • “Use more ‘I statement’ in professional conversations.”
  • “Role play interactivity in groups.”
  • “Not evade responsibility and express my intention clearly.”
  • “Be mindful of ego roles in settled dynamics with family/friends and change mine if needed.”
  • “Try to be more conscious of my own ego-state responses, and attempt to approach people I know I’m uncomfortable with from the Adult-state.”
  • “Put more importance on tone and body language.”
  • “I will be more self-conscious of my state and also consciously analyse the interlocutor’s state. Thank you!”
  • “Refocus the ‘I’ response.”

As you can see, lots of individual take-away actions as a result of the webinar – which is great!

This session, the second of a three-part series, has additional comments including:

  • “These webinars have been a gem.”
  • “Yeah, very helpful indeed! Looking forward to next week.”
  • “Thanks. Some very useful techniques to put into practise.”

Looking forward to the 3rd in this particular series with Liverpool – “Making Your Case – Creating Convincing Arguments”!

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