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Bespoke PM course rates 4.83 out of 5

Established in 2011 by uniting the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute and SCRI (Scottish Crop Research Institute), the James Hutton Institute vision is “To be at the forefront of innovative and transformative science for sustainable management of land, crop and natural resources that supports thriving communities”, and

“To conduct excellent science and engage in new ways of working across disciplines, with business, policy and society, that guide contemporary thought and challenge conventional wisdom, ensure trust and deliver the best outcomes for all.”

The James Hutton Institute Mission Statement

We’ve been working with The Hutton for some time now to develop bespoke training that aligns to their PM methodology. This follows-on from Training Needs Analysis, Mapping and Training Plan Review exercises undertaken earlier in the year.

The culmination of all of this work was the delivery of new and bespoke person-centred Project Management training provision and Project Governance Masterclasses. These were tailored to meet the specific PM training needs of the organisation and align with The Hutton Project Management Lifecycle, PM Toolkit, and related documentation/methodology for managing Hutton projects.

Fistral is delighted that the customised 3-day PM session was so well received. Hutton staff gave it an overall rating of 4.83 out of 5 (5 being Excellent), with the Top 10 comments as follows:

  1. “Instructive!  Both for Hutton and relating to general PM principles.  Lots of take home methods!”
  2. “Practical well structured and I left with enthusiasm to use the tools and techniques learned.”
  3. “Very useful & informative.”
  4. “Will attempt to apply all major aspects of the course content.”
  5. “Very well presented and interactive course.  Exceeded all expectations. “
  6. “Excellent course to learn about the available project management tools to help organise and track projects of all sizes.”
  7. “Really enjoyed these three days as a complete project management novice.  I am looking forward to using these tools to help me organise + plan my work.”
  8. “Useful guide to project management in relation to Hutton’s approach to PM.”
  9. “Workshop exercises work well.  Always find hands on exercises involve case studies.”
  10.  “Worthwhile training with many valuable tools that can be used at Hutton and in general life.”

Fistral is looking forward to the Governance Masterclass early in 2020, and continuing our work with The Hutton over forthcoming years.

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