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Embracing Change Webinar – I was provided “Tools for dealing with change”

Staff at the University of Dundee attended our ‘Embracing Change and new Opportunities’ webinar. This online course provides a range of information and techniques to help participants deal with the demands of imposed changes and to make the most of career development opportunities.

The group gave the following feedback when asked “What part of the webinar did you find most beneficial and why?”:

  • “Using the worksheet to use the tool and techniques as they came up. I think that this will help set them in my mind better than just taking notes”
  • “Worksheet was really good to get thinking and being involved”
  • “Working through a real example”
  • “Tools [for] dealing with change”

Other great feedback included”The facilitator was clear and spoke at a good pace” and “It was good that there was another person there to provide technical support” and finally “I liked that there were activities to do.”

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