Practical Project Management

ESTEC: “I had four interesting and inspiring days. I will definitely make use of what I have learnt”

‘Project Management Principles – Level 1’ held for ESTEC (the Space Research and Technology arm of the European Space Agency) in October hit the mark for participants wth 100% recommending it to colleagues. Overall the course rated 4.22 out of 5 (5 being excellent), with two participants summing-up their experience as follows:

  1. “I had four interesting and inspiring days. I will definitely make use of what I have learnt.”
  2. “Great course. Great presenter. Very useful and look forward to doing the advanced course + risk management.”.

When asked “Would you recommend this course to any of your colleagues? If so, in which areas?” all participants said Yes: specifically:

  • “This course should be a standard course for all Project staff members and TEC who work closely with Project, especially those who support TEB’s.”
  • “I would recommend the course (project planning and critical path analysis in particular) to the partners that perform the activities that I am running as Technical Officer.”
  • “Especially people working in big programs.”
  • “To all colleagues running projects.”
  • “Cost Accounting Team which are part of the Reorganisation Projects.”
  • “Good course not just to be trained as manager but also to improve interaction with industry in terms of project management.”
  • “Anybody who is technical officer or manages projects.”
  • “To project controllers and project managers.”
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