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European Space Agency staff say Fistral courses are ‘Very Good’…

Project Management and Risk Management courses at various site with the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2013 were rated ‘Very Good’ to ‘Excellent’ during the whole year.

Some participant responses to ‘Would you Recommend this Course’ were as follows:

  • “Yes. Anyone dealing directly with contractor tier or with institutes. The course is highly relevant for the activities of basically everyone working in the Agency and should be part of a mandatory minimum training curriculum.”
  • “This course is specially recommended for team building and become more empathic with colleagues and industry.”
  • “The personal experience of the presenter and anecdotes made the course very infromative.”
  • “Course is recommended. Should be helpful to any ESA staff involved in handling of projects, small to medium scales.”
  • “Yes, risks are everywhere.”
  • “Yes, all EOP colleagues involved in Earth Observation projects from phase A to phase B/C/D/E1.”
  • “Yes, definitely. In particular to anyone having to manage a team (also a technical team) on a medium/long time scale project.”
  • “I think it should be a compulsory entry course (as main others) in the first month of somebody’s entry to ESA.”
  • “Yes, as a general course for all of us, since we are more or less all project managers or TOs.”
  • “Yes. Anybody (i) currently or potentially a Technical Officer, (ii) with the aspiration for Project Manager.”
  • “Yes, to appreciate that it is always better to consider risks within a project before agreeing the contract and the schedule.”
  • “It is obvious that this course has run already several times. I am happy to have participated. The mix and intensity of the exercises was very well done.”
  • ” I would recommend it to all my colleagues from ESA Education Office who are managing or co-ordinating programmes.”
  • “Good: a very engaging speaker giving lot’s of real life examples. Not a boring minute!”

We look forward to working with you again in 2014!

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