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“Exceeded expectations and will definitely use the skills within my PhD project”

Two ‘Introduction to Project Management’ courses held with the PGR Development team at the University of Liverpool rated 4.71 and 4.61 overall out of 5 (5 being excellent).

Feedback from both courses was extremely positive, with Top 10 comments from both courses as follows:

  1. “Thought the course was brilliant. Exceeded expectations and will definitely use the skills within my PhD project.”
  2. “Very informative workshop. Very helpful to help me to plan my PhD research properly given time and cost.”
  3. “Was an amazing workshop – a lot of fun, a lot of help and support”
  4. “Interesting and informative course. Helpful for longer term planning.”
  5. “Great level of depth, given the subject breadth!”
  6. “The workshop was highly useful to me because it opened my eye to various techniques to manage one’s project.”
  7. “Very engaging, which is good for sitting through a days course”
  8. “I love it! I want more… Project management advanced.”
  9. “Amazing presentation and presenter!! Thank you.”
  10. “Quite a lot covered in the time but not overwhelming. Definitely useful part way through PhD when I have a vague idea of what I’m doing and need to do. Might be useful for supervisors too!”
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