“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr Seuss

"This has to be the most useful and enjoyable course that I have attended. I love the structure of course with lots of practical involvement in exercises working in teams. This is in stark contrast to most of the courses I have attended with PowerPoint slide after slide. I feel that I now want to use what I have learned and put to use asap."

Staff member, University College Cork 29th August 2018

"I feel this course is really useful to the researcher and others who are beginners in their career."

Staff member, AFRC 29th August 2018

"Very good course based on lecturer's experience."

Research staff, University of Bath 29th August 2018

"Extensive, complex information presented in a relaxed, humorous manner which made it relevant and understandable. Well pitched. Well done!”

PhD Student, University of Stirling 29th August 2018

"Very useful. Made [the] subject seem much easier than I've previously been taught. Good use of personal experience."

Staff member, AFRC 29th August 2018

"I feel that the university has invested in me! In that hiring a professional company as well as having such an experienced and excellent presenter. Money well spent!!"

Research staff, University of Aberdeen 29th August 2018

"We’ve now doubled the number of CAPM deliveries a year in response to growing demand, and it’s fast become one of the most popular and highly valued courses offered as part of the Researcher Development Programme."

Researcher Development Manager, University of Strathclyde 29th August 2018

"Very knowledgeable instructor and good sense of humour to create a positive, relaxed working environment. Very useful and will certainly use the material covered."

Student, University of Strathclyde 29th August 2018

"Excellent course – one of the most useful I have been on. I would recommend it for any PhD student”

PhD Student, Queens University Belfast 29th August 2018

"Very well delivered. [The trainer's] engagement with the students and material very impressive and leant sustained interest by students”

NHS Health Scotland 29th August 2018

"Excellent tutor. Was able to make project management accessible."

EngD Student, University of Manchester 25th August 2018

"Will apply tools to my own role, gives me greater understanding of wider project management principles."

Staff member, Scottish Qualifications Authority 29th August 2018

"I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to take the classes and the exam. I have always been keen on project management and a qualification is the icing on the cake!”

Successful CAPM Delegate, University of Ulster 29th August 2018

"Very well delivered. Great structure and content. Would recommend to colleagues”

Staff member, NHS Health Scotland 29th August 2018

"We’ve now doubled the number of CAPM deliveries a year in response to growing demand, and it’s fast become one of the most popular and highly valued courses offered as part of the Researcher Development Programme."

Researcher Development Manager, University of Strathclyde 25th August 2018

"Brilliant, fascinating, concise. Well lectured. Learned a lot!"

Staff member, Loughborough University 29th August 2018

"The company is professional and my dealings with [Fistral] in the summer with regard to the re-design of the programme were very positive from my perspective. I liked [their] flexibility and commitment to working with us on a new approach."

Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme Manager, Queen’s University Belfast 29th August 2018

"I expected it to be dull and irrelevant and was pleasantly surprised as it was relevant and practical and high quality."

CAPM participant, University of Strathclyde 29th August 2018

"This should be made compulsory to all PhD students/Research staff."

Research staff, University of Aberdeen 29th August 2018

"Very good course - I am keen to apply this learning in my place of work and have realised that the biggest problem in my team is me giving out concepts, not projects."

Staff member, NHS Health Scotland 29th August 2018

"We recently worked with Fistral to create a new Consultancy Skills course for our organisation. They offered a friendly, professional service and bring a wealth of knowledge to their course creations."

Staff Development Manager, NHS National Services Scotland, Information Services Division 29th August 2018

"Really interesting and applicable to industry. Would consider making the course compulsory for all knowledge exchange project personnel."

CAPM participant, University of Strathclyde 25th August 2018

"I'll use Risk evaluation techniques in my research."

Risk participant, University of Aberdeen 29th August 2018

"Tools that can be applied to real work and interactions, actual examples for situations that you wouldn't think about normally, kept attention throughout."

EngD student, University of Manchester 29th August 2018

"A very enjoyable and valuable course."

Research staff, University of Bath 29th August 2018

"In the five years the University of Strathclyde have engaged the services of Fistral, we’ve worked in partnership to tailor provision which specifically meets the needs of our industry-facing researchers. Year on year, the number of qualified project managers coming through the CAPM programme has increased as a result of its positive reputation and it’s demonstrable benefits within academia and other sectors."

Researcher Development Manager, University of Strathclyde 29th August 2018

Fistral Online Training

In addition to face-to-face training, the Fistral team have developed a wide range of online training resources to support participants through their learning journey.  These are complementary to our existing training provision and Product Suite, and act as an introduction to specific tools and techniques that can be applied to any work, project or research. 

More video and webinar topics – as well as additional resources (such as reading lists and example project management documents) – are under development and will be coming soon.

Deep learning, embedding of learning through hands-on practice, and shared learning gained in onsite sessions are still available through our face-to-face sessions.

Online Videos & Webinars

Developed initially in April 2020 to support customers and participants during the Covid-19 pandemic, Fistral Videos and Webinars – as with all our training events – are based on trainers’ experiences working in industry and academia, over 20 years’ expertise delivering highly successful training course, tried-and-tested knowledge, and sound theoretical principles. We’re delighted that these ranges are proving popular, and see these are a useful complement to our traditional onsite training courses.

We call the Videos and Webinars our “Espresso” and “Americano” ranges respectively. (And to link with this, face-to-face sessions can be seen as our “Grande” range.)

The Fistral “Espresso” range – c5min Videos

These are bite-sized video recordings (circa 5 mins each) available online. We call these Fistral “Espressos” as they provide a powerful ‘shot’ of learning.

The first Fistral Espressos developed are on core Project Management topics specifically aimed at PhD/PGR and Early Career Researchers. Although these videos help with managing any project, they are presented in the context of research. We are planning to expand the Espresso range over the next few months, to include general topics suitable for all-staff, videos contextualised for different sectors, and topics contextualised for all levels of researchers and research staff.

Fistral Espressos are ideal to use as a reminder or just-in-time for a key piece of work; and equally can be used pre- or post- a webinar or onsite training session as a refresher on core topics or techniques, and in complement to any handouts or training materials issued.

See our Espresso range to find out more. **NB All Fistral Videos are FREE to access during the Covid-19 crisis**

The Fistral “Americano” range – c2hr Webinars

Building on the concept of our Espressos, Fistral now offer a range of 2-hour live webinars. We call this our “Americano” range as they are a ‘shot’ of learning topped up with more time to interact with the content and the trainer, and provide an opportunity to engage more deeply with the topic and ask questions relevant to individual needs. Still packing the same punch as an espresso, but with time for Q&A with the instructor, Fistral Americano sessions can be more interactive depending on the topic, tools available, and the “tech”comfort-zone of participants.

Fistral Americanos provide convenience, flexibility, the opportunity to ask questions and clarify understanding, and the option for accessing learning remotely.

Webinars can be booked and scheduled as per a normal training session, see our Americano range to find out more.

The Fistral “Grande” range – Training Courses (face-to-face)

In complement to our online resources, “Grande” sessions provide longer, richer and deeper learning and engagement with topics. Our most popular training provision, Grande sessions are another way of thinking about our 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-day face-to-face training courses. These onsite events provide the ultimate learning experience in terms of training time, depth of learning, and practice learning the tools and techniques to further embed the skills and knowledge.

Our onsite training focuses on hands-on practical learning which can be customised to the needs of the group in the room. Full day sessions provide lots of opportunity to clarify, ask questions, and have the training contextualised and related to individual’s contexts and role/experience.

Fistral “Grande” events are our flagship range and the foundation of our Product Suite. An enormous amount of benefit is gained from instructors having time to share – within the context of the learning – real-life experiences, expertise and knowledge working across sectors and with world-leading organisations and researchers working on cutting edge developments. With 20+years’ training experience under their belts, trainers are able to adapt and contextualise the content flexibly during the sessions to meet the needs and levels of experience of those in the room. The practical exercises, shared peer-learning, networking and team building opportunities, and reflection and application to current role and work gained in 1:1 and group activities, have been proved time-and-again to improve applicability and usefulness of tools and techniques, as well as improve retention of learning. Overall, this makes a more rounded, better, more valuable and more enjoyable learning experience for participants.

Face-to-face sessions are particularly useful to embed the learning for those preparing for professional certification routes.

See our Product Suite for more information.

For more details on any of the above, or to speak to the Fistral team please Contact Us.