Great Scottish Run 2013 and picture of Haile Gabrselassie

Over a week ago now (time has just raced past this week – groan!) I participated in the Great Scottish Run 2013, sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Pauline with Great Scottish Run medal 2013There was a really exciting vibe on the day and the event was well organised – both of which may be partly-due to lack of rain and also the fact that Haile Gebrselassie was running in his first Scottish race.

Given that I having been unable to train properly for about a month due to a calf injury (excuses, excuses!), I finished the 10k in an honourable 1:05:57.

Just for comparison sake… Gebrselassie finished his marathon (and broke the existing record by a second) in 1:01:09, and fellow Scot Susan Partridge won the women’s marathon in 1:10:40. The men’s and women’s wheelchair winners finished in 24:21 and 30:59 respectively.

See the Great Scottish Run Newsfeed for more info.

I was delighted to actually see Haile Gebrselassie run during the marathon, and was within touching distance of him – if I could’ve caught him! I took this picture of Haile (in yellow) and Emmanuel Bett who came second in the marathon, at Scotland Street Museum and Shields Road Underground Station, around 13:42min.

Fraser was unable to complete the Fistral Challenge that day due to illness, but is now signed up for the Movember 10k in Glasgow on Sat 9th November to end #Fistral21 in style. I think he’s just in it for the “MoRunning Headband”…

Don’t think I’m cut out for serious running, especially as the professionals can run 42.195k in less time than I run a 10k… But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed raising money for charity and running 21 miles for Fistral’s 21st year in business!

Happy 21st Fistral!

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