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“Great series of workshops” – 4.67 across all sessions

Postgraduate Researchers at the University of Ulster attended our four-part online training course; Introduction to Project Planning for researchers. Rating each session out of 5, (5 being Excellent), their scores and comments after each session were as follows.

Part 1

Feedback rating 4.82

  • “Good content today. It was great!”
  • “Wonderful session.”
  • “Very useful”
  • “It has made me think about some things differently.”
  • “Great session.”
  • “That was brilliant.”
  • “Lots of food for thought, really enjoyed the session and looking forward to tomorrow.”
  • “Everything was wonderful.”

Part 2

Feedback rating 4.96

  • “Brilliant, this is what my supervisor wants me to do! It’s much clearer now”
  • “So glad you are covering this”
  • “This has been very helpful today”
  • “Very useful”
  • “Another wonderful session”
  • “A great session”
  • “Really practical”
  • “Awesome”
  • “Fabulous”

Part 3

Feedback rating 4.73

  • “Interesting and useful sessions”
  • “Great explanation”
  • “Really makes it clear where I have been going wrong”
  • “A great help. Well explained!”
  • “Great three days, loads of tips. Very inspiring!”
  • “Another good one”
  • “A great session”

Part 4

Feedback rating 4.17

  • “Great sessions, lots to think about”
  • “Great series of workshops”
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