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Intro to Project Planning (Part 3): Rated 4.8 “Real-life examples make it memorable”

Staff at the University of Dundee logged on to Part 3 of Fistral’s Introduction to Project Planning course, entitled Creating the Plan. The staff gave the session a rating of 4.8 out of 5 (5 being Excellent). When asked which part of the webinar they found most beneficial, responses included:

  • “The information was swiftly and clearly communicated.”
  • “All of it was beneficial – the tools provided to help scope and form a project were good.”
  • “The exercises proposed – it’s a hands-on training in management.”
  • “The interaction.”
  • “Breaking down the project planning process into smaller chunks to make it more manageable.”
  • “The practical exercises which consolidated the discussions.”
  • “Application of the project management process into everyday scenarios.”
  • “Overview of key project management techniques and tools.”
  • “Receiving the templates ahead of the session gave time to print them out or have them onscreen and prepared.”
  • “On-screen real-life examples that were worked through by [the trainer]”.

    Other comments included:
  • “[The trainer] was a very engaging presenter, and the mix of video, talking, the whiteboard was varied throughout, and some good examples.”
  • “Lots of enthusiasm.”
  • “Facilitator was excellent – very down to earth and engaging.”
  • “[The trainer] is a great presenter.”
  • “Thought it was all interesting and useful.”
  • ‘[The trainer] was very engaging and delivered the material well.”
  • “Everything worked and the “online facilitator” stepped in with advice and additional info to support the presenter’s talk. Very good.”
  • “I feel the live webinar is useful as it provides the opportunity to ask questions whilst you are working through a task. It was also very useful listening to the perspective of others.”
  • “This was a well-structured and paced course. I found it very enjoyable.”
  • “[The trainer] is a very engaging speaker and used real-life examples to make it less “theoretical” and therefore, for me, memorable.”
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