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“Training applicable for a PhD student” – Intro to Project Planning

PhD students in their first and second years at the University of Manchester logged on to our online training session Introduction to Project Planning.

The attendees gave the session a score of 4.60 out of 5 (5 being Excellent) and agreed 100% that they:

  • Would recommend this session to a colleague.
  • Feel more confident in using the tools & techniques learned.      
  • Will be able to apply this learning in current work/research/ study.

We asked what they’d tell a colleague who asks about this session:

  • “Really good summation of project management applied specifically to PhD studies with simple joined-up techniques.”
  • “The training is easy to follow and applicable for [a] PhD student.”
  • “A good insight to manage our current and future work.”
  • “Very educative and informative, one really needs this.”
  • “I wish I had attended it in my first year.”
  • “Interesting to join if you want to improve your time management.”
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