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“Immediately applicable” for CDTs – Introduction to Project Planning

We hosted a group of PhD students from the University of Bath for an online training session Introduction to Project Planning.

The students gave the training an overall feedback rating of 4.62 out of 5 (5 being Excellent) and all agreed that they felt more confident in using the tools and techniques learned.

We asked them what they’d tell a colleague who is interested in attending the session, answers included:

  • “Helpful intro to planning techniques”
  • “Excellent session”
  • “Very helpful”
  • “Great introduction to project planning”
  • “Very helpful to get some clarity on how to manage your PhD project”
  • “I loved it and that it was super useful for my work. Highly recommend it”
  • “I’d definitely recommend it. Great overall intro + useful tools and examples tailored to the academic context. Immediately applicable”
  • “Really useful, with some absolute gems in there”
  • “Excellent course with plenty of tools that can help with planning and delivered in a simple, accessible way. Instructor was fantastic – very engaging and enthusiastic”
  • “Great course for people feeling a little lost on where to start or overwhelmed by the abstract nature of a PhD. Provides a tangible way to start project planning”
  • “Particularly useful for thinking about GANTT development and thinking about ‘slack’ time within projects”
  • “A really good introduction to project planning. Helps to see the relevance of project planning to PhD research but also beyond research. Teaches how to apply valuable tools and approaches to loads of different areas. Hands-on examples really help with visualising the different methods and approaches. Facilitator is engaging and nice”

Other comments included:

  • “Really good, the time flew”
  • “[The trainer] was a great lead for this, very engaging, pitched at the right level”
  • “The demos were very helpful”
  • “The session was pitched at an appropriate level to accommodate for a range of knowledge and abilities”
  • “Really great training session, long and loads of content but continually engaging throughout. So many practical tips and techniques. Great job transferring the course over to online without losing anything vital”
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