“Recommended! Lots of transferable skills.” – PM at the University of Manchester

PhD students at the University of Manchester, mainly in their first years, logged on to Fistrals’ Introduction to Project Planning webinar. The group gave the training an overall feedback rating of 4.46 out of 5 (5 being Excellent) and 100% of attendees agreed that they feel more confident using the tools and techniques learned.

We asked what they’d tell a colleague who asks about this session:

  • “The content is great, and it is tailored to the grou.p”
  • “Inspiring, down to earth, very engaging & useful.”
  • “Useful, pitched at a relevant level, well-timed and organised.”
  • “Useful to know the theories/more structured planning for project management.”
  • “It will be useful when the PhD seems more clear.”
  • “Helpful for splitting up PhD project and planning it thoroughly.”
  • “Recommended! Lots of transferable skills.”
  • “A real insight into project management – crux of the project management. As a past Project Manager myself – it was certainly an eye-opener :)”
  • “Ideal for PGRs and would be very useful to undertake at the beginning of their project.”

Other comments included:

  • “[I now] Appreciate understanding why projects always seem to run over time!”
  • “The instructor was good at keeping everyone engaged.”
  • “[The trainer] has a wonderful method of teaching the techniques – this session was interactive & useful.”
  • “The training was very accessible and well delivered by the facilitator.”
  • “Thank you, it’s been great. I wish I had done this course in my first year. However, I am now in my second year and currently doing some re-scoping so this has been so helpful.”
  • “It was a really great session, very enjoyable and interesting.”
  • “This was awesome!”
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