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Resilience Building webinar -“It’s given me a new perspective on how I approach my PhD”

PhD students at Edinburgh Napier University logged on to Fistral’s webinar entitled Surviving the Long Haul: Resilience Building. The students joined us remotely from Scotland plus Jamaica, Newcastle and London. In this webinar, participants learn how their own mindset can increase or decrease their resilience in the face of the challenges of a PhD. They learn what they can do to put in place the psychological foundations of resilience, as well as simple, daily techniques to boost resilience levels for the long haul.

We asked the attendees what their favourite part about the session was:

  • “Very interactive”
  • “I enjoyed reflecting on the (tool learned)”
  • “[The trainer’s] honesty and humour as well as basing the advice on evidence”
  • “The information plus the presentation style – a great combo!”
  • “The interactivity of the various tasks was very useful in applying the strategies and models to our own lives. It allowed us to reflect and understand what has went wrong, what has went right and what can be learned for the future!”
  • “I could relate to the content especially as I’m at the start of my PhD programme. I believe tools provided will be helpful for me throughout my programme”
  • “The stuff about (tool learned).  It is something that I need to remind myself of as I study”

Other feedback comments included:

  • “I’ve learned a lot from this workshop”
  • “Very informative session!”
  • “A great session”
  • “Very interesting”
  • “This is great!”
  • “That was interesting!”
  • “Excellent session”
  • “It was interesting, entertaining, made me laugh and has definitely given me a new perspective in how I approach my PhD work”
  • “This was excellent. [The trainer] is a great presenter and shared some very useful info. I will certainly benefit from these ‘tools’ and hope to bolster my resilience going forward”
  • “All in all, superb!”
  • “Great session!”
  • “Very engaging and useful for my development”
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