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Leadership and Team Building Techniques webinar – “It was really amazing”

Fistral’s ‘Leadership and Team Building Techniques’ webinar was recently delivered to a group of PGRs at the University of Strathclyde, some logging in from as far away as France and Tanzania.

Any PhD student embarking on their professional journey after PhD, whether in academic or commercial research or any other field, will benefit from being able to demonstrate good leadership. In addition, understanding how to develop effective teamworking, whether as team leader or from within a team, will allow individuals to get things done, in the service of the team’s objectives and their own personal goals.

The group gave this course an overall feedback rating of 4.63 out of 5 (5 being excellent). They also agreed unanimously that they:

  • Would recommend this session to a colleague
  • Learnt new tools and techniques that they will put into practise
  • Would attend more Fistral webinars

Some interesting insight from the attendees as to some of the things they will do differently having undertaken this training included:

  • “Giving more time to decisions”
  • “Consult more with team members and engage in feedback”
  • “Communication with team members”
  • “Be more patient when I do not really agree with people”
  • “Consider more about the team”
  • “The impact on personal characteristics on task achievement”
  • “Making decision based on subordinate’s views”
  • “Creating a motivated environment to match the organisational mission”
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