Lake at Hotel Seehof, Wessling

My week in pictures – not a standard day at the office…

Last week was one of the most intense and enjoyable this year.

Monday and Tuesday I was fortunate enough to travel to some very picturesque venues in Munich, meeting new colleagues and old friends that, although we’ve been working together for many years, I had never met in person. Plus I got to sit-in in on some of the courses and see the training venues/hotels which really helps when it comes to sorting the logistics for the sessions. It was a very worthwhile and fun trip!

Then, on Wednesday night I was ‘offered for sacrifice’ (volunteered by my eldest child and press-ganged by peer pressure) into competing in a ‘rap battle’ infront children and parents watching a school rock concert. I know our Assertiveness course is very good, time I went on it I think…

And on Thursday I watched my football team in a European competition. Thank goodness Friday was quiet and back to business as usual this week.

Some photos below – as you can see Wessling is very beautiful!

… You may have noticed that a ‘rap battle’ pic was omitted, however I’ve a feeling it may appear in a subsequent newsletter! Now, when is the next assertiveness course scheduled…

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