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Negotiation Skills: “Good links to practice.”

Rating 4.64 out of 5 (5 being Excellent), participants found a recent Negotiation Skills session as part of the University of Bristol’s Academic Staff Development CREATE programme very useful.

Staff comments were abundantly positive, with a Top Ten as follows:

  1. “Good links to practice.”
  2. “Steps for negotiation were clearly outlined and this helped me feel more confident.”
  3. “Lots of useful tips & insights. [I learned the] Importance of preparation!”
  4. [I] “Gained experience of working through methods of negotiation & preparing for negotiation.”
  5. “Various approaches to negotiations were given and explained w/ practical examples + exercises.”
  6. “The presenter was great!”
  7. “Fantastic, very useful session. Thank you.”
  8. “Covered tips/processes for preparing + conducting negotiations. [Gave] Time to practice, opportunity to ask questions.”
  9. “Great facilitator, knowledgeable, experienced, approachable.”
  10. “Good theoretical background but only in relation to certain types of situations (where there is no power dynamic).”
Posted in Communication & Collaboration, Researcher, Staff.
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