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“Useful tools to apply in research projects”, 4.70 rating from staff

We held a three-part Project Planning webinar series attended by staff from Heriot-Watt University. The series included sessions called Establishing Foundations, Scoping the Project and Creating the Plan. Participants included Research Associates, Research Fellows, Academic staff and Assistant Professors.

The staff gave an overall feedback rating of 4.7 out of 5 (5 being Excellent).

Comments from the group included:

  • “Over and above expected. Very detailed and not the same old project management material”
  • “Clear explanations of project management techniques and tools”
  • “Useful tools to apply in research projects – the workshop was well-aimed at the specific audience providing practical tools”
  • “The concepts and examples were presented in a clear way. I also appreciated the handout of resources and where to find the project management software”
  • “Gave me an insight into how to plan a project properly”
  • “It was very audience friendly. The content was rich, simple to follow and very flexible in terms of possibilities of application”
  • “This workshop provided how to create them with real time examples and reasons for their failures. Overall, workshop contents [will be] beneficial to my future planning of projects”
  • “[The trainer] was very engaging and extremely clear. The topics covered were simple, but I believe they are achievable within an academic setting (which is full of people who don’t “do” project planning)”

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