“Really worthwhile – lots of practical tools” – PM Tools for Managing Your Research Project post-award

Joining us onsite for a new training session entitled Project Management Tools for Managing Your Research Project was a group of research staff from The University of Bristol.

Focusing on tools to apply to research projects post-award, we were delighted that research staff rated the session a perfect 5 out of 5 (5 being Excellent) and 100% agreed that they:

  • Would recommend this session to a colleague.
  • Feel more confident in using the tools & techniques learned.

We asked what they’d tell a colleague who asks about this session:

  • “Engaging session, well-presented and useful.”
  • “Useful overview of PM that is practical to use.”
  • “Really worthwhile – lots of practical tools to take away.”
  • “Not your normal dull run-of-the-mill project management course.”
  • “Actually enjoyable, which I didn’t expect.”
  • “I’d highly recommend it to people early on in their research project careers. It’s refreshed my memory of long-forgotten things and I’ve learned new things too.”
  • “Very useful and practical learning elements.”
  • “Was actually really useful and I think we should be making much more effort to plan properly in research.”

Other comments included:

  • “Pulled together lots of other PM courses I’ve done over the years in a way I can understand.”
  • “Really good to do the course in person – really helps to engage.”
  • “[The Trainer] was fantastic, their delivery was engaging, and captured the mood of the room perfectly.”
  • “Really enjoyed it and the facilitator was very engaging.”
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