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Professional Communication Skills: “Everybody should attend one like this.”

Our PCS course was very well received by staff working in the Space sector. Delivered in Darmstadt, this 3-day course focusing on ‘Communicating effectively as a professional to internal and external stakeholders.’ was rated “Very Good”, 4.20 out of 5 (5 being Excellent), by LSE Space staff.

There were lots of positive comments highlighting the usefulness and applicability of the course, and staff clearly valued the hands-on practice time and feedback from the trainer:

  • “Everybody should attend one like this.”
  • [I] “Feel better prepared for communication challenges. Recommend!”
  • “It’s definitely worth to attend the course. While you cannot expect some magic to happen, it provides you with the instruments and tools to practice and develop further your abilities.”
  • “Very interesting and useful.”
  • “It was good and useful. Good to get the feedback [from the trainer].”
  • “Nice, would recommend.”
  • [I will work on] “Building up confidence when speaking in public; putting the necessary focus on getting the message through; assertive speaking.”
  • “Very useful, very educative, revealing.”
  • “Great, challenging.”
  • “I enjoyed the course and it will be useful to improve my skills.”
  • “It was helpful. I enjoyed it.”
  • “Good to help me with my confidence, body language.”
  • [I will work on] “Confidence, talking speed and voice, gestures, preparing.”
  • “Everything was amazing. Thank you.”
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