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Research staff – ‘Planning for Uncertainty’ webinar 4.83

Staff at the University of Dundee joined us for Part 4 of our ‘‘Introduction to Project Planning for Researchers’ webinar series, as part of their OPD programme.

Part four of the series is entitled ‘Planning for Uncertainty’. This webinar considers this uncertainty by presenting tools and techniques to proactively identify and respond to risks during the planning process, rather than reactively during the project – when the focus should be on the work.

The staff gave this session an overall feedback rating of 4.83 out of 5 (5 being Excellent). We asked them which part of the webinar they found the most beneficial and why, their answers included:

  • “Planning for risks. This will help me avoid unexpected pitfalls”
  • “How to format risks, how to calculate EMV & contingency”
  • “Learning about risk management through different models and understanding how to break down risks to understand more”
  • “All. It taught me how to assess possible risks factors that can impact my research”
  • “All was beneficial”

Other Comments included; “it was insightful” and “such a great, practical session which has boosted my confidence in planning my project.”

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