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LSE Space staff say Agile PM provides “Important and useful concepts” for Space projects

Space agency staff joined us recently for a webinar session Agile Product Management: An Introduction Using Scrum.

The staff gave an overall feedback rating of 4.67 out of 5 (5 being Excellent) and agreed 100% that they not only feel more confident in using the tools and techniques learned but that they would recommend this session to a colleague.

We asked the group what they’d say to a colleague interested in the course, their responses included:

  • “Attend it”
  • “The knowledge is applied and trained in small groups. Participants were very engaged”
  • “Very good mix of theory and practice”
  • “The course is teaching Agile techniques. A methodology to manage projects that could fit on our projects”
  • “This session is really valuable to have a clear picture of what scrum means and deciding if it is worth changing into it”
  • “Important and useful concepts”
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