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Terma staff rate PM Space course 4.82

Receiving a fantastic 4.82 out of 5 (5 being Excellent), staff working in Space sector for Terma GmbH found PM Principles 4-day course relevant and applicable.

Terma staff said:

  • “Highly recommended to whoever have no project experience or already in PM role. Very valuable training session.”
  • “The project management techniques cover all the main aspects, they are generic and could be scaled to any project within any domain.”
  • “Recommended. Explains different phases of PM. Interactive.”
  • [AS a result of the course I will] “Plan a project in different phases separately. Identify risks and take action ASAP.”
  • “Most of it will be useful, even the parts I won’t be doing myself. I will understand what is happening in other parts.”
  • ” [The course] helps me to understand decisions of my PM. Organising myself will be (hopefully) now a little easier.”
  • “Everything [was useful]. All the methods learnt are applicable at some point in a project.”

When asked what they would say to a colleague:

  1. “Take it, it will be useful for the future.”
  2. “Interesting and interactive course that give you all the bases to handle a project life cycle.”
  3. “Very useful / . Instructor is knowledgeable / . Fun.”
  4. “Great introduction to PM. Intense learning.”
  5. “Even if you don’t plan to become a PM you learn how to think as one.”
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