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“This is the best training I have had through OPD … ” – University of Dundee staff

We were delighted when staff on the Introduction to Project Management course held with the University of Dundee rated the course 4.82 for “facilitation” and 4.64 for “meeting departmental/individual learning and development aims“. Both our of 5, 5 being Excellent.

Top 5 responses – ‘What part of the workshop did you find most beneficial and why?’

  1. “I think it would be really difficult to pick one piece as I felt all of it had immediate application to my role.”
  2. “The practical exercise at the end was a fun way to put into practice what we had learnt in the day.”
  3. “All beneficial especially use of mind map.”
  4. “Learning about the work breakdown structure, because it will help to prioritise tasks and allocate human/financial resources in future.”
  5. “The part I found most useful were the project planning exercises undertaken in groups since it put into practice the concepts taught throughout the day.”

Top 3 responses – ‘Did you gain value adding knowledge or ideas from attending this workshop that you will now implement in your role?’

  1. “This course exemplified that Project Management skills are applicable to almost any role. The specific methodology of how to break down tasks and plan will be helpful both in and out of work.”
  2. “Helping me consider how I need to schedule time and manage workload.”
  3. “Made me think about the priorities of the project and what are the results that we need to have by the end of the year. Do we need to hire more people for that? I feel more confident to raise those issues with the current boss.”

Top 3 responses – ‘How would you rate the facilitation of this workshop?’

  1. “Absolutely excellent. Both facilitators were friendly and approachable. They clearly had a lot of expertise and made learning a whole lot of fun. I think what I learnt will stick with me better because of this.”
  2. “Trainers were engaging and friendly.”
  3. “The trainers were great – quick paced but not too overwhelming.”

Any other comments?

  1. “[The trainer] has a most engaging, informative style of presenting which it was clear everyone enjoyed.”
  2. “Great course that will be helpful in my current role.”
  3. “An excellent overview of project management skills and how you can apply them. The content was very accessible whilst still being fast paced and engaging. I would highly recommend this course.”
  4. “This is the best training I have had through OPD.”
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