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Top Tips 09: Key Attributes of a Successful Director

Key Attributes of a Successful Director

As part of Fistral’s 21st anniversary year, we’ve asked the Directors to share their thoughts and experiences on a variety of business-related issues. In the ninth of the series, we asked what attributes they thought comprised a successful company Director.

For the latest article in our 21st anniversary Top Tips series we asked our Directors:

“What are the key attributes of a Director?”

In the Fistral Director’s opinions, key attributes should be:

  1. Honesty – With customers, staff, the tax-man and yourself.
  2. Self – and Product – Awareness – Know the things you and your business are good at and, most especially, the things you are NOT good at.
  3. Recruitment Skills – Employ the right people to do the things that you can’t do, trust the people you work with, and be prepared to delegate.
  4. Realistic – Be realistic in your expectations and targets for the business, set small targets to celebrate wins on an ongoing basis – not just when you reach your £50mill turnover; and also be realistic in what you can physically and mentally achieve without burn-out.
  5. Customer Focused – Always be attentive to the customer. Listen to what they need and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business in relation to this.
  6. Family Focused – Remember that your family are your best support. Three weeks holiday throughout the year (ideally two consecutive weeks) is a must. No interruptions: leave the mobile phone and the laptop at home.
  7. And of course, Hard Working – Be prepared to work hard: “no pain, no gain”, and “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. And when things get successful, be prepared to play hard too…
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