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“Useful concepts that I will put into practice” – Collaborating Effectively

Staff at the University of Dundee logged on to our ‘Collaborating Effectively’ training, part of the University’s OPD programme.

This course provides participants with the understanding to take account of individual differences in such a way that they are better able to make constructive interactions.

The group gave an overall feedback rating of 4.50 out of 5 (5 being Excellent). We asked them which part of the webinar they found to be most beneficial and why, their answers included:

  • “Advice given, examples, self-test”
  • “The filmed cameos where we had to recognise the different behaviour types”
  • “Learning about all the different behaviour types and how this can lead to a certain perceptions. This will make me more aware of my own style whilst being more understanding and considerate of others”
  • “The participatory exercises”
  • “Understanding the different DISC styles and my own. Will give me the ability to improve my collaboration skills”
  • “Learning to distinguish different ‘groups’ of people and perhaps how to work with them in a positive way”
  • “Engaging speaker”

We received some great general feedback comments too including:

  • “Excellent presenter and perfect level of content”
  • “The overall proportion of content of talking / videos / exercises was great”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed this webinar”
  • “Facilitator was excellent. Delivered a lot of content in a clear manner”
  • “I would like further similar workshops”
  • “Useful concepts that I will put into practice”
  • “Well presented and easy to follow”
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