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“Very effective” – Time Management webinar at UoLiverpool

PhD students at the University of Liverpool logged on to Fistral’s webinar session Taking Charge of Your Time: Avoid Drifting.  This session teaches some simple techniques to make the most of your time, day by day, week by week. Ensuring you make good use of your time will increase your productivity. This will also boost your mood and your motivation, helping you sustain your work output over the long haul of PhD study.


The participants gave the session an overall feedback rating of 4.58 out of 5 (5 being Excellent).

The group agreed 100% that they:

  • Would recommend this session to a colleague              
  • Feel more confident in using the tools & techniques learned      
  • Will be able to apply this learning in current work/research/study

When asked what they would tell a colleague about this session, responses included:

  • “A lot of helpful tips about managing my calendar, which I plan to start using”
  • “Useful for understanding where I am going wrong with my time management. It will allow me to be more productive”
  • “Incredibly informative and addressed common issues faced in a PhD”
  • “Very helpful for time management and tasks management in particular!”
  • “Very effective”
  • “Helps me to organize my goals, my works and my plan for future career”
  • “Try it”
  • “Really helps crystallise what you already know about how to manage yourself. It makes these things clearer / explains things logically”
  • “Equips you with all the tools to effectively manage your time. It provides rationale for prioritising tasks in order to improve productivity”
  • “Very useful and introduces a diverse selection of considerations, approaches and stretegies to help manage time. It also acknowledges that different things work better for different people and provides tools rather than dictating rules, so feels very friendly, inclusive and helpful”
  • “Helped me to understand the importance of time blocking and setting your goals through the week so they seem more realistic”
  • “Will help you prioritise and structure your tasks accordingly”

Other comments included:

  • “A very helpful and informative session”
  • “Time spent effectively I think”
  • “Great presenter! Clear, helpful and friendly instruction. A pleasure to listen to”
  • “Great session!”
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