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“Very practical and applicable” – University of Bath feedback

A mix of research staff and PhDs from the University of Bath logged on to Fistral’s Advanced Project Management webinar and gave it a rating of 4.93 out of 5 (5 being Excellent).

Feedback included:

  • 100% Would recommend this session to a colleague.
  • 100% Feel more confident in using the tools & techniques learned.

We asked what they’d tell a colleague who asks about this session:

  • “This advanced project management course along with all the others from this series has already been and will be extremely useful.”
  • “Especially when you realise that anything we do in life from working to preparing a dinner party can be considered as projects, you understand that the principles acquired from this session can be applied to boost the productivity of us as individuals, team members, or for our whole team.”
  • “I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become better in anything.”
  • “It is intense but hang on in there!”
  • “This is very practical [and] has a lot of applicability – including beyond research work. And – it can lead to a meaningful qualification in project management.”
  • “I would recommend.”
  • “It was great! Highly informative!”
  • “Very interesting and helpful.”

Other comments included:

  • “Thanks again for the amazing course!”
  • “The group I was with was interactive and engaged.”
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