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“Very worthwhile” – Influencing Without Authority

As part of a series of OPD sessions from Fistral, staff at the University of Dundee logged on to our webinar ‘Influencing Without Authority’.

In the workplace we are often required to influence others without any formal authority. In the context of Higher Education, there is also often less power in formal authority, because of the collaborative structure of the institutions. As a result, individuals need to be able to draw on strong influencing skills if they are to be effective. This session looks at a number of approaches and tactics to increase influencing power, whatever your status.

On completion of the session, the staff gave it a rating of 4.58 out of 5 (5 being Excellent). We asked them which part they had found to be most beneficial and why, responses included:

  • “The examples given, time for thinking and sharing ideas/solutions of the issue”
  • “Learning about types of influencing strategies and how they could be applied in certain situations”
  • “Understanding the categories of influencing strategies “
  • “Case studies, both one given and also the personal case study”
  • “Categories of powers and influencing strategies”
  • “It helped me to see what I already have, what I will never have, and what I can develop”
  • “Having a worksheet to complete during the session really helped to solidify my learning”

Other general feedback from the group included:  

  • “I think the session was great”
  • “I found all of it useful”
  • “Very well delivered, especially dealing with the new Zoom format”
  • “Simple slides/worksheet format were useful. The ideas presented were communicated well”
  • “A very good course”
  • “The course was very worthwhile and interesting and gets you thinking in a different way”
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