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“Tailor-made for PhD” – Time Management is “A truly enlightening experience”

Joining us online for a webinar session entitled Keeping on Top of Your PhD: Personal Time Management Strategies were a group of PhD students at The University of Strathclyde. They gave this session an overall feedback rating of 4.77 out of 5 (5 being Excellent) and 100% agreed that they:

  • Would recommend this session to a colleague. 
  • Feel more confident in using the tools & techniques learned.     

We asked what they’d say to a colleague who asks about this session:

  • “Very useful in learning how to manage my time and what type of time management style I have.”
  • “The session helps as a guide on how to keep work on track.”
  • “Though you may know some of the methods, the course will bring you [a] deeper understanding.”
  • “It is very interesting, detailed, and a big help especially in organization.”
  • ‘The techniques were easy to implement.”
  • “A very useful session that not only students would benefit from.”
  • “Highly recommended.”
  • “Fantastic and very helpful course.”

Other comments from the group included:

  • “Attending the training was a truly enlightening experience. The trainer’s expertise and enthusiasm for the subject matter made for an engaging and informative session. The strategies shared were practical and easy to implement, and the tips and real-life examples provided were relatable and helpful.”
  • “What stood out most to me was the personalised advice and attention given to each participant during the Q&A session. The trainer took the time to understand our unique challenges and offered targeted solutions to help us overcome them. This level of individualized support made the training feel tailor-made to our needs as PhD candidates.”
  • “I would highly recommend this training to any PhD student looking to enhance their time management skills and productivity. The investment of time and resources is well worth it, and the benefits will pay dividends in the long run.”
  • [The trainer was] very nice and encouraging.”
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